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Yellow Topaz

natural lemon yellow topaz healing crystal

Yellow Topaz strengthens your faith and beliefs. It guides you in both, private and personal aspects of your life. Since it has been in use for years, people used to believe it as a treatment of various physical and mental ailments and even a remedy for death. It has been symbolized as a stone of strength and good luck in Romans and Egyptians.

The word Topaz comes from Sanskrit and it means “Fire” and some ancient civilizations believed it to contain rays from the sun.

It is the birthstone of November and the jewel choice for the 23rd anniversary. The zodiac signs associated with this gemstone are Leo and Scorpio. It is effective for Third Eye Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. This gemstone belongs to the element of air.

Yellow Topaz is a gemstone that redirects all the powers to bring positivity and the right things in your life, bringing luck into your life. It reinforces all your good deeds and negates all the negative thoughts.

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